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Martial arts is a popular activity, and for good reason! It not only provides good exercise and teaches self-defense, but also equips students with empowering life skills and positive character traits.  Whether you want to learn traditional martial arts, compete in sport karate, or learn practical self-defense skills, our martial arts program is for you! Call today to set up your FREE TRIAL CLASS and hear about our programs at our school in Hopewell Junction, NY.

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Little Ninjas (ages 3 & 4)

​Looking for a fun and engaging activity for your preschool-aged child? Our Little Ninjas program focuses on motor skills, coordination, listening skills, and socialization, all while teaching students the foundations of martial arts.  This class offers a small student-teacher ratio, with 1 instructor for every 4 children.  Begin equipping your young child with the life skills they need with this great program!

Kids Martial Arts (ages 5-12)

​Every child needs a positive influence on their life.  Our program will be just that.  Our martial arts curriculum was designed by NYS Certified Teachers, ensuring the students are getting the best instruction possible. Students will learn martial arts from instructors with decades of experience, with each class incorporating character building and important life lessons. We promise you'll notice a difference in your child.


Teen & Adult Martial Arts

​Could you use help improving your physical fitness?  Want to feel safer?  Looking for a fun and engaging social atmosphere?  It's never too late to start training in martial arts, with our program specifically designed for teen and adult students. We strive to make our classes energetic, yet accessible, for people of all abilities.  Everyone is welcome! Come try it out and improve yourself, mentally, emotionally, and physically!

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