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Master Matthew Eyler, the owner of Trinity Martial Arts, demonstrating a karate move inside his school in Hopewell Junction


At Trinity Martial Arts, we believe good things come in threes. That's why we focus on:

  • Competitive Sport Karate

  • Traditional Martial Arts

  • Practical Self-Defense Skills

We believe that through this well-rounded martial arts training, with a focus on self-discipline and character development, we can train students to be successful individuals, both inside and outside of our training facility.

Located in Hopewell Junction, right off the Taconic State Parkway in East Fishkill, our karate school offers a variety of training programs and classes for students of all ages and abilities. 

A student doing a karate technique in their martial arts uniform in our school in East Fishkill
A group of students in their karate uniforms in East Fishkill
A student in a karate uniform doing a kick in our school in East Fishkill
A boy in a karate uniform doing a punch inside our martial arts school in Hopewell Junction
An instructor and student in karate uniforms in our school in Hopewell Junction
A group of students in karate uniforms doing a punch in our school in Hopewell Junction
Kids watching a fellow student demonstrate a karate technique during class inside their school in Hopewell Junction

The TRINITY Difference

We know there are so many options when it comes to Martial Arts Schools in the Hudson Valley.  But, we are proud to stand apart from the rest in a few ways.

First, all of our instructors are skilled martial artists, certified through the Pan Am Tang Soo Do Federation.  While other schools are "willing to train" those they hire, the instructors at Trinity have been training alongside us since white belt and have years of experience!  

Next, we believe in transparency and flexibility. That's why we don't burden our students with unnecessary fees, such as color belt testing fees and registration fees.  We also understand that flexibility is key. So, unlike other schools that lock you into long-term contracts or limit the amount of days you can train in a week, we offer unlimited training on a contract that can be cancelled at anytime, for any reason.

Finally, our owner and head instructor brings a wealth of experience as a former special education teacher. This background allows us to create an inclusive environment for students of all abilities.


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